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Parish Mass times 
Saturday 5:15 p.m.
Sunday 9:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.


Sacrament of Reconciliation (confessions) Saturday
4:30 - 5:00 p.m. ~ prior to any Mass or by appointment




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Franciscan Voice


Padua: New Vocation Song


Holy Family Parish History




On September 7, 1954, Monsignor L.J. Byrne, Pastor of St. John the Apostle Parish, Kingston, assisted by the Reverend J.P. Ainslie, blessed and officially opened Holy Family School, Kingston, at the intersection of Wiley and Drennan Streets.


With the opening of this school the hope for a future parish was planted in the faithful living in the Rideau Heights area of the City.


The Reverend R.C. Pickett, who became pastor of St. John the Apostle in 1956, and his assistant, the Reverend P.R. Kelly, became very conscious of the need for a church to provide a permanent house of worship for the area. After considerable discussion Archbishop J.A. O'Sullivan gave his blessing and, on August 10, 1961, ground was broken for Holy Family Church at the corner of Weller Avenue and Wiley Street.


The church was opened on Sunday, January 27, 1962, by Archbishop O'Sullivan.


Modernistic in design, Holy Family Church has a laminated arch construction. A stone background, 14 feet wide, rises behind the altar to the roof peak where a sky-light provides natural lighting of the altar. The church was designed to accommodate 300 persons and was constructed to allow enlargement through the addition of a balcony or by extension toward Weller Avenue. In 1974 work commenced on a new parish house and meeting hall to the south of the church, and in 1978 a balcony was added inside the church, increasing the seating area from 300 to 400 spaces. The church and its later expansion, as well as the parish house, were designed by architect Roger d'Astous, student of Frank Lloyd Wright, a leading architect of the 20th century.


In addition to the building enhancements mentioned above, Holy Family has seen the addition of new, light oak pews (1980), a new steel roof (1994-1996), a new front window with cross insert (2011), and new mahogany doors at the main entrance (2018).



Pastors at Holy Family:  
Rev. Fr. Pickett                                             1962 – 1971 (resident in parish starting 1967)
Rev. Fr. P.R. Kelly (Associate) 1962 - 1964
Rev. Msgr. A.J. Welsh 1971 – 1972
Rev. Msgr. D.P. Clement 1972 – 1984
Rev. Fr. T.F. Brady      1984 – 1993
Rev. Fr. W. Powell (Associate) 1990 – 1992
Rev. Fr. C.H. Gazeley 1993 – 2007
Rev. Fr. C. Enyinnia 2007 – 2014
Rev. Friar James Fukes, OFM Conv. 2014 to present
Rev. James Quirk (Associate) 2015 - 2017
Deacons at Holy Family:  
Rev. Mr. J. Ezard   1999 - 2018


The Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul, through their dedicated work in the school, provided much of the basis for the parish. In recent years the Sisters of Providence continued to serve the parish in the persons of Sister Peggy Flanagan (deceased) and Sister Sheila Langton (retired), who provided pastoral care and served in parish ministries. The parish is presently blessed with the membership of Sister Helen Russell, csj, who is on staff with the Providence Spirituality Centre, is an enthusiastic promoter of Development and Peace, and serves the parish as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. 


Holy Family is blessed with an active Legion of Mary, a Rosary Group, talented musicians, and volunteers who assist faithfully in many areas of parish life. The Parish Pastoral Council and Property & Finance Committee provide input and support to the pastor. Eucharistic adoration takes place each Thursday.


Outreach to the wider community includes volunteering with the Bread of Life Supper Club in North Kingston, participation in an area Council of the Knights of Columbus, hosting an annual Christmas Craft and Bake Sale, and involvement with Catholic education. Friar Jim is chaplain at Regiopolis Notre-Dame Catholic High School and a parishioner serves as parish representative on the school council of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Elementary School.


All of these activities are inspired by deep faith and a special devotion to the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. May God continue to bless us!


With excerpts from Built On A Rock – The story of the Roman Catholic Church in Kingston 1826 – 1976 by Louis J. Flynn (used with permission)

Profile updated April 2019


Pastors at Holy Family

   Rev. Fr. Pickett                                            
1962 – 1971Rev. Fr. Pickett 1962 – 1971               Rev. Fr. P.R. Kelly (Associate)
1962 - 1964Rev. Fr. P.R. Kelly (Associate) 1962 - 1964Rev. Msgr. A.J. Welsh
1971 – 1972Rev. Msgr. A.J. Welsh 1971 – 1972Rev. Msgr. D.P. Clement
1972 – 1984Rev. Msgr. D.P. Clement 1972 – 1984Rev. Fr. T.F. Brady      
1984 – 1993Rev. Fr. T.F. Brady 1984 – 1993





Rev. Fr. W. Powell (Associate)
1990 – 1992Rev. Fr. W. Powell (Associate) 1990 – 1992Rev. Fr. C.H. Gazeley
1993 – 2007Rev. Fr. C.H. Gazeley 1993 – 2007Rev. Fr. C. Enyinnia
2007 – 2014Rev. Fr. C. Enyinnia 2007 – 2014Rev. Friar James Fukes, OFM Conv.
2014 to presentRev. Friar James Fukes, OFM Conv. 2014 to presentRev. James Quirk (Associate)
2015 - 2017Rev. James Quirk (Associate) 2015 - 2017
 Deacons at Holy Family

Rev. Mr. J. Ezard  
1999 - 2018Rev. Mr. J. Ezard 1999 - 2018